The BCOCC has launched a five-year Strategic Plan (SP) at Movenpick Hotel, Nairobi. Billed as a roadmap for excellence in Coordinated Border Management (CBM), the SP will help to boost operations and also aid to optimize utilization of resources at Kenya’s border points.

Speaking on behalf of Dr. Eng. Karanja Kibicho, Secretary Internal Security (SIS), Mr. Wilson Njega, said the SP will lay a strong foundation on how the BCOCC will contribute to Kenya being a prosperous and competitive economy globally via investments in security and local, regional and international partnerships that aid in promoting authentic trade and movement of people and goods.

“The Strategic Plan encompasses steps toward the BCOCC’s next level of inclusive excellence and honours our commitment to serve Kenyans through the continued promotion of legitimate trade and travel, enhancement of security, and advancement of the multi-agency approach among MDAs operating at Kenya’s border points,” Mr. Njega said.

Mr. Njega appreciated the SP’s foresight saying that it’s authored in a style that is forward-looking through the inclusion of realistic goals. “The Strategic Plan builds on the BCOCC’s achievements and milestones since inception while also putting a sharp focus on the next five years. This Plan is visionary, directional and broad, and it provides a focused, complementary set of goals, strategies, and objectives for guiding the BCOCC, as we aim for excellence and further our work in Kenya’s points of entry and exit.”

Notably, the SP was developed through financing from the International Organization for Migration (IOM). The Chief of Mission at IOM, Ms. Sharon Dimache, appreciated the dedication demonstrated towards the development of the SP since April this year.

“Let us commit ourselves to the implementation of this Plan for the betterment of our borders,” she said.

Ms. Dimanche appreciated the participatory nature in the development of the SP which was a result of extensive research and a participatory and consultative process involving the BMS, BCOCC principals and contact persons, IOM and the Kenya School of Government’s (KSG) Security Management Institute. She also noted that the SP will facilitate a holistic approach toward resolving challenges on our borders.

BMS Secretary Mr. Kennedy Nyaiyo, on his part, said the launch of the SP was a realization of a long-held goal that will aid the BCOCC to forge ahead with a guiding tool that will assist in the execution of its mandate. He also thanked the IOM for their support towards the development of the SP. “We sincerely thank our partners who have been standing with us. Our wish is for these partnerships to continue as invest more efforts into the promotion of legitimate trade and travel.