Acting Anti-Counterfeit Authority (ACA) CEO Miss. Fridah Kaberia, today presided over the welcoming ceremony for the third cohort of the Kenya Coordinated Border Management Programme (KCPMB) at the Kenya School of Government (KSG) in Kabete, Nairobi.

Miss Kaberia was standing in for Interior Principal Secretary (PS) and BCOCC Chairperson Dr. Eng. Karanja Kibicho. Speaking at the event, the ACA CEO emphasized the need for training of Government officials deployed at Kenya’s points of entry and exit.

“Over the years, a need for a training manual has arisen to among others, equip Government officers deployed at our points of entry and exit with the relevant knowledge and up-to-date skills needed to execute their respective mandates, heighten security on our border points, enhance legitimate trade and travel, and encourage cooperation between agencies by completely eliminating the silo mentality,” she said.

Like their counterparts, the cohort’s participants will undergo a 10-day training on Coordinated Border Management (CBM).

According to Miss. Kaberia, the training has prioritized collaboration between different Government agencies. “As we welcome the third cohort for the training, allow me to mention that the Curriculum was crafted in a manner that prioritizes the principle of the whole-of-Government approach and also qualifies as a form of innovation that will greatly transform operations in our sea, land and air border points.”

Miss Kaberia added that the training will help streamline operations at border points, continue fortifying Kenya’s relationships with her neighbours while at the same time unlocking the unlimited social and economic potential of Kenya.

Miss. Kaberia was also joined at the event by Marie Gibrat, a representative  from the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) and Mr. Humphrey Mokaya, the Director, Security Management Institute (SMI).

The training is sponsored by UNODC.