The Security laws (Amendment) Act of 2014 section 75, established the Border Control and Operations Coordination Committee (BCOCC) for the purpose of enhancing the whole-of-Government approach in managing our border points.

Subsequently the following border security governance structures were formed:

  • Border Management Secretariat (BMS).
  • Border Management Committees (BMCs).
  • Joint Operation Centers (JOCs).

BCOCC Mandate

  1. Formulate policies and programmes for the management and control of designated entry and exit points;
  2. Co-ordinate the exchange of information between the respective agencies responsible for the security and management of the borders at the designated entry and exit points;
  3. Ensure compliance with standards by the respective agencies to ensure the effective and efficient management of operations at the designated entry and exit points;
  4. Perform such other functions as may be conferred on it by this Act or any other written law.
  5. Exercise oversight authority over the operations of the respective agencies at the designated entry and exit points.

A multi-agency approach towards border management and coordination has resulted in:

  • Better inter-agency collaboration.
  • Prompt targeting of risks and response to border threats.
  • Increased surveillance and detections.
  • Improved travel document verification.
  • Enhanced information sharing among security agencies within and among points of entry and exit.

BCOCC Concept

To achieve coordinated border management structures in Kenya.

  • The BMC and JOCs were earmarked to serve our three border environments, namely, land, air and sea.
  • Land Borders – Customs are in charge assisted by Immigration.
  • Air Borders – Airport authorities are in charge assisted by Immigration.
  • Maritime environment – Maritime port authorities are in charge assisted by Customs.

All the JOCs in Kenya are coordinated by the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) JOC.

Kenya’s gazetted points of entry and exit are:

  • Airports: JKIA, Moi International Airport, Kisumu International Airport, Eldoret International Airport Wajir Airport, Lokichoggio Airport, Wilson Airport and Malindi Airport.
  • Sea Ports: Shimoni, Kilindini, Old Port, Lamu, Kiunga, Mbita Point, Kisumu Pier and Vanga
  • Land borders: Busia, Malaba, Lwakhakha, Suam, Namanga, Taita Taveta, Isebania, Lunga Lunga, Mandera, Moyale, Nadapal, Loitoktok, Garissa, Muhuru bay, Ijara and Liboi