Border Management Committees (BMCs)

Membership of BMC is drawn from all BCOCC agencies.


  • Land borders KRA – Chair, Immigration- D/Chair
  • Airports – KAA – Chair, Immigration- D/Chair
  • Seaports – KPA – Chair, KRA- D/Chair
  • Secretary to all the BMCs – NIS

BMCs Mandates:

  • Coordinate border operations at PoEs.
  • Implement BCOCC directives.
  • Conduct BMC meetings fortnightly and submit minutes to BMS promptly.
  • Avail to the BMS any relevant report (s) on border matters.
  • Escalate border issues to the BCOCC.
  • Advise on emerging border trends and come up with solutions for challenges facing PoEs.

Joint Operations Centers (JOCs)
JOCs act as the operational arms of BMCs. Their mandates are to:

  • Target threats emanating from movement of persons and cargo.
  • Collect, analyze and disseminate information.
  • Implement BCOCC directives through BMCs.
  • Develop strategies to counter border threats
  • Enhance sharing of information.
  • Optimize available resources.
  • Invest in personnel infrastructure and technology.
  • Create synergy among border control and security agencies