Our Mandate

  1. Implement policies, programmes and directives given by BCOCC for the management and control of designated entry and exit points.
  2. Coordinate the activities of all border agencies and information sharing amongst border management committees in all designated points of entry and exit.
  3. Establish effective Border Management Committees (BMCs) and ensure their smooth operations.
  4. Develop and continually review coordination mechanisms such as Standard Operating Procedures.
  5. Develop and implement a national border management strategy and operational plans.
  6. Develop a common communication platform linking BMS with all border management committees as well as between border management committees.
  7. Appreciate the importance of humanitarian border management and where necessary work with other agencies such as the Refugee Affairs Secretariat on activities related to humanitarian border management.
  8. Collaborate with partner agencies and other stakeholders in developing a national border management legal framework.
  9. Establish and continually appraise Joint Operation Centres (JOCs) at all points of entry and exit. (Land, Maritime and Air borders)
  10. Establish and continually update a national border management resource centre.
  11. Oversee regional and international cooperation matters on cross-border trade, travel and security.
  12. Coordinate cross-border community engagement on matters relating to security, peace, conflict, organized crime and trade.
  13. Coordinate capacity building for all border management committees.
  14. Serve as liaison office with partner agencies on all matters relating to border management and security.
  15. Provide Secretariat services to the Border Control and Operations Coordination Committee (BCOCC).
  16. Conduct bi-annual border assessment.
  17. Carry out any other assignment given from time to time by the Chair BCOCC.